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"These guys have a variety of beautiful Bandai Premium Jackets! I got the jacket I was looking for. Perfect fit!”

Danny C.


"Best place around if you're interested in Tokusatsu fashion. From Sentai to Kamen Rider, they've got the goods YOU want. Quick shipping, friendly service, and a great looking photo spread of each item. A+ to the max.”

Cody B.


"Thanks to Sentai Jackets, I could finally end my search for this hard-to-find Official Bandai jacket. Great communication, and prompt shipping. Item arrived as described, and in perfect condition. As for the jacket itself, I was surprised of how thick it is. It can literally be worn as a winter jacket. Anyways, I will definitely keep an eye out on Sentai Jackets for future purchases. Highly recommended for anyone looking to increase their Bandai Fashion wardrobe!!”

Francis S.


The Sentai Jackets team is as good of a group as you could ask for in an online retail experience. Previously, to obtain any of the products they sell, one would have to go through a significantly difficult process to import the Bandai Fashion items of your choosing. Now, not only is it much easier to obtain those items, but they have a robust selection that includes Super Sentai items that date back to the beginning of the previous decade.
Their dedication and commitment to providing a positive experience is what lead me to becoming a repeat customer, and one for hopefully many more times to come. I bought my first item (2004 Tokuso Sentai Dekaranger uniform set) back in fall of 2015. It was the uniform I had always wanted and tried to get replicas of for quite some time. Sentai Jackets had it, and I bought the only full set they had. I was so pleased with the purchase that I later went back and purchased my 2006 Bouken Red jacket. At this point, both uniforms were roughly 10 years old, and were kept in excellent condition with their original tags and packaging. This is something no other site, person, middleman or service could have ever offered.
At the end of the day, this group is fantastic, and their dedication to their work and their customers (as well as their wide selection) makes them incredible to work with. I highly recommend purchasing your next Bandai Premium item from them. I'm sure you will be just as pleased as I was.”

Dominic T.


"11/10 only the best from these guys, excellent prices and excellent selection of Sentai gear ... customer for life!”

Karl L.


"These guys are the real deal when it comes to getting premium-quality authentic cosplay goodies, from jackets to jewelry. Bought the MagiYellow jacket and necklace set a while back and it is amazing! I could even say it's...magical. ;) These coats are very comfortable and you could easily wear them as an everyday coat if you wanted to. Perfect kind of coat for a full day of cosplay, inside or out. The jewelry is well-crafted and comes straight from the source, so you know it's gonna be screen-accurate. They, too, can easily be worn as an everyday thing for a little hint of Tokusatsu/Sentai in your daily life if a jacket isn't a good idea for the weather that day.
Great prices, good deals, high genuine quality goods, very friendly and easy to talk to at any time about your purchase. Definitely recommend these guys for authentic, long-lasting Tokusatsu/Sentai cosplay goods.”

Francesca D.


"Always has the best sentai selection and kamen rider gear, got all my jackets and chains from here and will continue to get the best gear. Best place for any Sentai/Power Ranger fan”

Kerlin J.


"Thanks to Sentai Jackets, I had acquired my last red ranger jacket for my collection through them. Very friendly and fast service, highly recommended!”

Richard W.


"Between the fast and efficient service, great selection of merchandise and friendly staff I am looking forward to the next time I can do business with them and would also highly recommend Sentai Jackets to anyone looking for high quality official Bandai fashion!”

Collin M.


"Best place to find past Sentai jackets & accessories”

Morgann C.


"Great selection and awesome people, they always keep you updated on orders and fast shipping.”

Robert S.


"Met these guys at Power Morphicon, and I couldn't have asked for friendlier service! Thanks guys!”



"I ordered a Premium Bandai necklace from Sentai Jackets. Incredibly friendly and easy to work with. They even tracked down a couple Kamen Rider rings for me. Although they were not a size I could wear the effort was great trying to find them. Would and will order from again.”

Greg W.


"I don't like expressing my nerdiness with Tees, I prefer something subtle like necklaces or wrist cuffs where the general public would never guess where it's from. That's where Sentai Jackets comes in. I've purchased plenty of jewelry from these guys worn by my favorite characters and I've always had a professional and pleasant transaction. The last thing I bought from them wasn't in stock but they were eventually able to track it down for me and I'm so very grateful!”

Eric R.


"I love getting my jackets from these guys. The service is awesome and they make sure the jackets get to you in a timely manner! I hope to get more jackets from them in the future!”

Elizabeth M.

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 10.40.08 PM.png

"They have great fashion for fans of Power Rangers and Super Sentai! They're nice and left me satisfied with my purchase. I highly recommend this to any fan and I will definitely come back for another purchase. Great customer service and great communication.”

Kevin C.

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